This comment was left on the first article i wrote about NeoBux.
I'm glad to say that i do have some advice.

It depends on a couple of factors, A) do you have a fast internet connection, and B) do you plan on putting money into it or are you going to start with nothing and work your way up?

If your internet connection is slow then i suggest not upgrading to Golden membership for awhile, this is because conpetition for referrals amoung Golden members is ferece, 2 seconds can mean the difference between getting 100 referrals and getting none.
If your connection is slow then i would suggest buying at least 500 referrals before upgrading.
If your connection is fast then upgrade after haveing as little as 200 referrals, you should be able to buy more no problem at all.

Are you planning on putting money into it? I suggest that you do, but its ok if you dont. If you dont then try to get some friends to join as well to up your income. If you have a blog even better, use it to advertise your link.
However putting $40 into it will really jump start you compared with starting off with nothing.

Another suggestiong is downlaod a program that will allow you to track the average clicks per referral to make recycling them more of a science and less of a guessing game. I use Neobuxox but there are lots of good programs out there.

IMPORTANT!!! With Neobux, if you have referrals you must click everyday! If you dont not only will you not make money from your referrals the day after you dont click but you will lose money because you are still paying their rental fee. The good news is that the vast majority of people only have to click 2 ads a day to get the full benifits of their referrals. So it only takes about 70 seconds of your time. If it is impossible for you to do this occasionally try to get someone like a family member to do it for you.

I'm more then happy to coach anyoe who signs up under my link more throughly in any aspect of Neobux or anyother PTC site. Simply e-mail with your username and ill answer any questions you have at all.

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The new URL and name for the blog is

Theres not much to it right now. But as i develop it i will be blogging about all the steps it takes to start up a blog, so if your having trouble getting your blog going, or are thinking about starting one you'll definitely want to check it out. will stay up, but it will rarely be undated at all, all new posts will be published at

new site!

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You may be thinking to yourself hmm its ben awhile since Roy wrote anything, if you are thinking that then congradulations, you are observant. The reasons being 2, the first im jsut too tired, the second soon the blog will be moving to a real domain that ive had sitting around for awhile collectiong dust. The name will change as a result but its not that big of a deal.

Good news is that tomorrow is my last day of work, wow i cant believe summer is over. So the new site could be and running by friday. I love that word...could.

Exciting news... kind of?

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Turns out that if you type 'race to 1 million' into google the is the number 1 hit!
If you type 'Race to one million' its number 3

Although this is it pretty useless, i mean who is going to type those into google? It still shows progress, i remember when i could type either of those in and not have my blog show up on the first 5 pages.

Anyways im happy. One thing that i do actually have to be happy about is that i know that there are several other sites out there with the name race to 1 million. So even though its useless more or less, its still good to be number one amongst useless people

Contest Winners

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This months drop contest winners are

High Quality Pictures
Slow Streamyx
People You Need to Know
Article Specialist
Untreatable's Blog
The Matthias Chronicles
Memories Frozen in Time

Congratulations to all of you and thanks. You should have your 200 Credits each in less then 20 minutes.

Like i said earlier unfortunately this will be the last contest for awhile probably.

It seems Bux3 and the rest of their network is gone. This includes World-Bux and Im pretty sure at least one other site. This blows, for me at least, because I was expecting payouts from Bux3 and World-Bux

Now the question is was it a legitimate we're losing too much money kind of thing or was there 'foul play' a foot?

If I had to take a guess (it's a uninformed guess mind you...) I would say that I suspect foul play. Aprox 2 months ago Bux3 was hacked. Then they delay payments for a month until everything is 'back to normal'. Shortly after the month is up, a couple of days ago, Bux3 disappears without any explanation, that I know of.

I'm not saying either way if the apparent hacking was real or not, but either way I suspect that the owner decided it would be a great start to a series of event ending in them grabbing a bunch of money and disappearing.

Does anyone have any real information about what happened to them?
Whats your opinion? Legitimate closure or scam?

No Time No Drop

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As my regular droppers may have noticed the last 4 days i haven't been returning dropped cards.

Due to other commitments in life I will no longer be able to follow the U Drop I Follow philosophy. I will drop when i have the time, but don't expect it regularly.

This months contest, which ends in a couple of days will be paid, but there will be no others in following months due to my expected mass reduction in credits earned.

Other aspects of the blog are not affected, this relates solely to Entrecard

EntreCard Auction

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Time for my first ever EntreCard Auction. 1000 EC, Starting price only $1

You bid by commenting on this post.

Auction ends at a random time next Wednesday, August 13. This is to make it fair to those who cant be on the computer 1 minute before the auction ends to try to get the winning bid.

If the Winner fails to pay the next highest bid will win.
Please post a link to your blog to prove that your bid is legitimate.

You'll also have the option to buy another 1000EC for the same price that you won the first 1000.

Possible payment is through PayPay or AlertPay

This is kind of 1.5 entries in one. The two topics overlap in away.

I was just approved by Project Wonderful today so I’ll be selling 125x125 ads through them now. There will also be ads for sale directly through me (currently 2 weeks for 2 dollars).

Project Wonderful is a pretty widespread but I’ll still go over it for the people who are too lazy to look into it like I was up in till recently.
Basically people go to their site to bid on your ad space. Below your ad on your blog it shows the current going rate, I’ve seen from 5-40 cents, although I don’t always pay attention so I'm sure there are higher ones [after checking it out some sites sell ads for over $50 a day]. Project Wonderful takes a 25% commission I think it is. Sounds steep, but they claim to be below industry standards, I’ll take their word on that. Plus I’d say it’s worth it when you consider you don’t need to chase advertisers around trying to collect your money, and spending time changing ads around every week or whatever.

On another note I'm getting rid of some of my other ads. The giant skyscraper AdBrite ad on the right, and the wide banner at the very bottom. I first started using these because you get paid per visitor not per click with them. But through a combination of not enough traffic and low rates they just aren’t doing it for me so they will be gone shortly.

In trading in the 2 big sometimes flash ads for much more resource friendly ads you can expect the blog to load a little faster now. And in continuing with that user friendly attitude as soon as I figure out how to I'm going to move my entrecard up into the header so you don’t have to scroll anymore to get to it.

Ive always kept it close to the top because I hate the feeling for searching through the jungle to try to find where to drop on other peoples sites, but at the same time wanted people to have to spend at least 2 seconds at my blog. But I’ve decided that forcing people to spend less time in my blog may end up causing those who actually are interested in it to be able to discover and spend more time on it.


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The plan for today was to post something that I wrote a couple of days ago. It was about how was claiming to have all past due payments sent out and be up to date for once.

Then I was thoroughly shocked and pleased when checking my e-mail at work there’s a message saying that my payment had arrived, $277! A little more then just pocket change. And its about dam time, I requested this money March 7, keeping with their terms of service they should have had it to me before the end of April.

I was skeptical of their claim to get caught up because of their history of not respecting their own dates, but it looks like they proved me wrong. My major question now however is are they planning on staying caught up, or will they fall months behind again? I'm hoping they stay caught up because it will mean that $772 will be coming my way in about 6 weeks.

With my $277 the majority. $200 will be invested back into buying referrals on $35 will be used to buy referrals at a PTC site I haven’t bought at before, and the remaining bit has no plans and will eventually end up as pizza or beer probably.

I'm really hoping that the $772 come in less than 2 months. I'm going to be using the money to start Phase2 of my making money plan. I won’t go into it right now but the plan is for Phase2 to replace PTC sites as my number 1 money maker.

I think I'm going to make a banner for like the one I have for NeoBux above the posts, it seems to be successful in getting me some referrals. The only pain is that Neobux’s banner updates how much money I’ve made automatically, because doesn’t have one of these ill have to change it myself every week or so.

The past couple of days there have been e-mails sent out to AlertPay members (I’ve gotten like 6 of them) that say blah blah blah….. change your password….blah. It then has various links to click where you can change your password.

This e-mail, despite that fact that the logic they use is kind of screwy, looks pretty legitimate. Its NOT though. Do not click the links, just delete it. If you check the properties of the links they don’t go to they go to (see picture below)

If you have clicked these links and changed your password do the following as quickly as possible. Change your password again if the scammers haven’t already switched it, and tell AlertPay. Hopefully you don’t end up losing money on this.

I’ll hand it to them it is pretty clever, I had to look twice before I realized that it wasn’t

New Logo: Win 2000 EC

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I think its finally time i come up with a logo that has some pazaaz.

Im giving 2000 EC to whoever designs the best one. Has to be 125x125.

All entries that show at least some effort will recieve 200 EC, max 2 per person

E-mail it to

[Please note I started this post, forgot about it for 2 weeks then finished it today]
While I'm sure there is a lot of topics I could write about, and maybe ill make a series of it. Today I'm talking particularly about how to use their stupid to make money in short term investments.

The best way to explain why it works is through example. This morning General Motors announced a bunch of stuff including how they are getting rid of a bunch white collar jobs and their plans to raise money and what not. Approximate stock price at 8:30 am, the time of announcements, $9.50. Now of course some people start running around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming it’s the end of GM, others see them and follow suit, before you know it the stock price is at its lowest point in 54 years at 10 am at about 8.98. Finally someone them get tired or running around freaking out and start thinking wait a minute, maybe we over reacted a bit, and the stock ends the day at around $10. Now I don’t know how the hell it managed to close above its opening price today, but that’s not the point. The point is there’s a clear and easy method to follow here.

1) Listen for bad News
2) Give people time to act like stupid sheep and stock to fall
3) BUY
4) Wait until price raises again, could take a couple of hours or a couple of days or whatever

Using this method with GM today you could of made about 18% gains in 1 day.
Not convinced yet? What about oil, this frigging happens like every week, except its kind of like the opposite.

1) Wait until theres been very little news about oil and conflict in the middle east for a couple of days (price falls)
2) BUY
3) Something blows up in the middle east…again
4) Give people time to act like stupid sheep (price of oil rises)
6) People will realize they over reacted for the 5th time this month and within a couple of days prices will be back to normal

Of coarse this doesn’t work all the time. This is the great thing about taking a couple weeks to write this post because a counter example is in the process of happening. In the past week or so oil has taken a pretty big dip. Following my method it would have been very easy to put some money into oil after it dropped $5 in one day then plan for it to go back up tomorrow just to have it fall a lot more like it has. No plan is perfect…

Anyways if you follow my advice without thinking it through / practicing with fake money first to see if it works for you you’re either an idiot or recognize genius when you read it, that’s my disclaimer.

When I get closer to actually attempting to apply this strategy ill practice first to see if I actually have any skill at it, ill let you know how it goes.

A couple of times i've mentioned my theory that you shouldn't worry if you find yourself spending what you consider alot of time to make a couple of dollars because if you invest those dollars properly in the future they could be worth $100. Ive decided to test this theory.

Tomorrow probably im going to be buying $18 dollars worth of referrals from NeoBux using my account balance. Im going to track the referrals bought with 3 of those dollars and see how much it appreciates.

The $3 will buy me 10 referrals (or maybe 15 i think they may cost less now that im a golden member). Im being what i hope to be conservative in estimating that in a month from now those 10/15 referrals will have doubled into 20/30. From that point on the $3 will continue to grow at a faster and faster rate.

For those getting tired of me posting about NeoBux lately dont worry i am too, im start to feel like a bit of a shell for them. Ive just been excited about my membership upgrade. I have several ideas for posts that wont be about them

I'm Golden

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If you pay as much attention to the NeoBux banner right above my posts as I do, recently you would of noticed two differences. The first being it now says im a Golden Member and the second that im making significantly more money each day then i used to. This is because i recently upgraded my NeoBux account.

Because of this my income has now doubled because i now make twice as much per referral clock. More impressively my profit has more then doubled because i now pay less money each day for my referrals. Regular members pay 0.9 cents for each day that a referral clicks and Golden members only pay 0.6 cents each day.

For the time being this solidly places NeoBux as my favorite PTC site.

lack of everything

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I apologize to my regular droppers for not returning cards the past couple of days. And to my readers for lack of material. Between working out almost everyday and weekend drinking ive had no extra energy, but i plan to get back on track starting right now

Neobux and Paypal

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NeoBux is currently running a trail of using PayPal as a payment processor in addition to AlertPay.
This is a big step is proving the legitimacy of NeoBux. Some months ago PayPal cut ties with pretty much all PTC sites due to receiving about a billion complaints a day regarding PTC sites. The only restriction is that your account must be verified by PayPal.
This move is especially convenient for people involved with multiple PTC sites because while AlertPay is universal when it comes to PTC sites many other kinds of sites/ companies/ whatever do not use AlertPay

Contest Winners

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This months drop contest winners are

People You Need to Know
Money, Love, and Change
Search Engine Panel
Make Money Progrecious.Com
Metallman's Reverie
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
Island Wench
Index-expand your thinking
Life With Roxxymetal

Congratulations to all of you and thanks. You should have your 200 Credits each in less then 20 minutes.

Next contest ends August 15
Contest Details HERE

Contest Delayed 1 Day

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Im taking a short vacation to a cottage after work today, so this months contests winners will be announced 1 day late tomorrow

Blog Experiment

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I have an experiment that I started a couple of days ago.

The Reason: A curiosity about if the topic of my blog (making money) inherently causes it to “fail” (not that I consider my blog a failure necessarily). What I mean is there’s so many making money online blogs that people could easily dismiss it as probably having nothing new to offer. Plus I'm sure the idea of making money online seems stupid or nerdy to a large portion of the population. Further more I get like 0 AdSense clicks a day on average, I think a large part of this is because most of them on my site turn out to be things like “ Make 100k in 5 minutes” Most peoples reaction to those ads I’m sure is something similar to ‘ya…sure I will’ And 99.99% of the time I'm sure that response is well warranted. But obviously another reason is i dont get massive traffic yet.

As regular readers may know I don’t like to do things, therefore enter Mark. Mark is one of my house mates, under my supervision he will be conducting most of the experiment. I convinced him to help with promises of vast wealth.

The Idea: Girls
Vague I know, details later, but lets just think about it for a second.
What is something that that half the population (and probably more then half of the ‘blogging population' would be interested in? Girls
Whats something that half the population wont find stupid or nerdy? Girls.
I could go on for awhile but you get the point. Its hard to find a topic that half the topic is interested in I would imagine.

So Mark is going to make a blog that focuses around pictures of attractive girls. He has pretty much total creative control over the project with a few restrictions.

My hypothesis is that he will develop a larger ‘reader base' then me because his blog will apply to more to the general population then my own. People who usually visit the blog through Entrecard who would normally just drop and leave in under 5 seconds may spend more time on the blog. There will be more AdSense and other ad form clicks partly due to the fact that people are spending more time on the blog and partly because the ads will be much more interesting. His blogs popularity will grow faster then mine did. I'm not sure about comments, a lot of my entries actually get comments now, although I cant even picture myself considering about commenting on a site like that I can picture a lot of people with the overwhelming urge to tell the world that ‘that girl is hot’ so I'm also going to say that he will have more comments then me.

You can submit pictures to the blog for EntreCredits. 50 credits per picture that is used up to a maximum of 200 credits, or 4 pictures per post. You can also include a link that you want displayed at the bottom of the post if you want (good source of back links!). And you get ANOTHER link in the blogroll which will be for people who have submitted pictures.

Send all pictures to

So now the only question is I'm a genius, or have a just sunk to a new low?

Visit the blog HERE

[Update: Haha... i just showed Mark how to set up adsense ads. Right now theres ads for several different ethnicities of women and 2 ads for Buffy the Vampire Slayer...humorous]

Advertise on This Site

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Now that i have my new blog layout more or less the way i want it im opening up the ability to buy ads on it again.

Currently the only spots are 125X125 ads near the top of the blog.
For 2 weeks the cost is
$2 paid through paypal or alertpay OR
2000 EntreCredits
Deals may be available for advertising for more then 2 weeks at a time.

E-mail for more details

You can return to this information anytime by clicking any open ad spots on my blog

Many of us use Entrecard to drive alot if not pretty much all of our traffic to our blogs, but how useful is it?

If you look at Entrecard traffic on a micro scale id say its pretty useless, meaning look at a indvidual person. Theres a very high chance that that person is going to spend a total of 5 seconds on your blog to drop there card and leave possibly before your site even fully loads. Plus theres also a very good chance that you spend some time of your life dropping a card on their blog first to get them to come to yours. If you add up all those seconds could you be doing something better to bring real traffic to your site or to make money another way? Of course sometimes someone will discover your site through Entrecard and actually read it, maybe every day, but its rare. In short looking at the individual its a useless and a waste of time.

What about at a macro scale though? Meaning your Entrecard traffic as a whole. The more drops you get, no matter how useless as individuals do the following as a whole. They raise your Entrecard popularity which increases the chances of someone really interested in your topic of choice ending up at your site. They raise things like your Alexa rate and page rank possibly (if they link to you). Both of these have advantages obviously whether it be search engine ranking or attracting advertisers . Plus you can do some useful things with all of the Entre credits your gatherings. Whether it be selling them, buying things, or useing them to get more traffic. But do all of these benefits out weigh the time spent dropping cards?

My opinion is it depends on how you go about it. If you spend all of your time attracting people to a blog like this whos interests are things like celebrity gossip then your not maximizing your time spent (i cant say that im not guilty of that sometimes too though).

I have seen the benefits to my blog because of Entrecard, i get more comments, more ad clicks and more referrals, what about you?

Today I learned the importance of making sure that your blog looks the same / good in different browsers. At home i use firefox, at work IE. Take a look at the difference. Remember that im redoing the layout, so none of these are actually how i want it to look in the end.



Weird how IE puts the stupid microsoft paperclip in there eh?
So you should at least check out your blog in the 2 major browsers, IE and Firefox.

New Layout

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Over the next couple of days I will be implementing a new layout for the blog so things may be kind of messy.

I want some opinions on colour scheme. Personally I think that switching to a white (or lighter colour) background with black text is a bit easier on the eyes.

Any opinions on this or general suggestions?



2 Payouts Reached

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I reached the payout limit for 2 PTC sites earlier last week, and The limit for both sites is $10, so I still have a bit of a ways to go on both of them to break even, I put $35 into each of them buying referrals. says that payment SHOULD be given within 5 business days, but could take up to 30. This is great if its true, it means I should have my money from them by the end of the week. Ill be pretty surprised if I do though. went with the more standard it will take 30 business days to get paid.

Both these sites have a pretty good number of ads, so given a bit of luck in getting some good referrals these two could be big money makers, assuming they do in fact pay. Ill post again when / if the payments do come.

Im going to start a monthly card dropping contest.

On 15th of every month I will give 200 Entrecard credits to the top 10 people on my dropping list.

You will also get your blog mentioned and linked to in a post.

It starts this month.


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I joined Twitter the other day, something ive been against.

For those of you who dont know Twitter is kind of like the lazy way to stalk people. People put up little updates about themselves like 'im cooking' or whatever.... then you can read them! exciting i know. So its just like the status thing on facebook, except thats what the whole site is.

Ive been against it because to me it seems pointless, but lots of people say its great for internet marketing, and even though im not doing any real marketing per say right now i may in the future so it might be usefu later if i can get alot of 'followers' (stalkers) now.

If you want to follow/stalk me go to
Ya, you can tell im not quite yet on the twitter band wagon because i wont even take the time to make it a real link for you. But if i ever see the light so to speak ill make a post thats just my link 100 times to make up for it... i bet you'll all be thrilled about that.

Figures, i was just about to make my first 'tweet' and the site is down.
Lets see some comments about why you think twitter is worth joining.

[Reply to A Master Networker: I look forward to it....]

[July5 update: Sweet i have my first stalker]

The downside of Neobux

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Figures, the day after I post about how NeoBux is probably my now favorite PTC site i figure out a pretty big downside. If you dont click one day you dont get any referral clicks. I heard about this before the site came out, i think theres some kind of algorithm for the max number of clicks you can get a day which is based both on your clicks and number of referrals, that may no longer be the case i dont know.

Most of the time i do click all my neobux ads, because im a regular member i get like 5 a day so it takes a whole 2.5 minutes so normally not a big deal. Where it really sucks is you cant say ' im going on vacation for a week and ill still be making money!'... because you wont be.

That being said since most of us spend the majority of our time not on vacation so its not the biggest deal in the world, just an annoyance that pops up maybe a day a week for me when im too busy / hungover / whatever to bother with clicking. Im still fully behind neobux and would recommend that if your about to start your own PTC empire start with neobux, as long as you have 2.5 free minutes a day.

My Neobux Update

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As you can see at the top of my the blog i added a banner for NeoBux that I think is pretty neat. It displays in real time the amount of money that I have made.

At the time of writing this ive made $22.84. My original investment was $25, im making between $1.5 and $2 a day with neobux, so in less then 2 days ill be above even. $1.5 dollars a day is a pretty good return on a $25 investment.

Due to the fact that neobux lets you buy more referrals using your account balance i have been able to continually reinvest money as i make it making my earnings grow faster and faster.

I think that neobux is now my favorite PTC site. Its not making me the most.... yet, but i think it will in a couple of months, and i feel th reliablity and flexibility of the site are very valuable in a time where most sites give out payments months late.

[Update: Ive noticed that sometimes the banner takes awhile to load, i guess thats because is sometimes slow. And right now the site is down, so the banner doesnt show up. But it doesnt seem to affect the rest of the blog negatively at all so i guess for now it doesnt matter]

I think i might make another blog to put stuff like this when i have an urge to write about things unrelated to this blog. For now this is the only place for it now though

This is a pretty common problem for me. It started my first year of university, i have a hard time sleeping at normal times. My typical day goes like this

6am: wake up, feel like crap
6am - noon: feel like crap unless theres something big going on at work that demands alot of attention from me
noon - 4pm: feel alright
4pm - 7pm: get real tired again, sometimes nap but i try not to because it just makes it harder to sleep at a proper time again.
7pm - 10pm: generally feel fine
10pm - 3am: feel really awake and good

So i feel the best after 10pm, which makes it really hard to fall asleep at midnight like i ideally would every night. Tonight i originally went to bed at 12 30, gave up around 2 15. Its now closing in on 3 meaning best case scenario i get 3 hours sleep tonight. And despite getting only 3 hours sleep ill have the same problem tomorrow, although probably not as bad.

Anyone have any sleep aid ideas?

Another Race to 1 Million

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Just a couple minutes ago I tried typing in a couple keywords in google to see how high up my blog is in the results.

I thought i found it when to my surprise it wasn't my race i found, it it was someone elses. This particular person is 15 and wants to earn 1 million by the age of 21.

Their blog started about one and a half months after mine, and coincidentally (maybe?) has the same layout as mine.

This doesn't bother me at all, im sure my idea is not really that original. I just find id interesting that his/her race started so soon after mine, and the fact that the title is pretty similar.

Oh weird he/she also lives in Ontario.

Anyways if you are this person and got the idea from my blog let me know, it would be cool to know my blog has inspired others to do something similar.


stock stock stock...

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Like I said a bit ago I was thinking about entering the stock market… and I have! Just in a really different way then I originally was planning. I actually made up my mind that this probably wasn’t the best time with school tuition coming up in a couple months. But my brother was talking to my dad about buying some shares of GM. For whatever reason my dad bought some in January and decided that he would just give them to us. Thanks Dad. So I now own 56.87 shares of GM. At the price of somewhere around $12 that’s worth $682.

Now GM wasn’t what was planning on investing in, and theres a good chance you know about how they’ve been losing money lately and closing plants ect. Plus the stock happens to be at like a 52 year low.

Despite all this I think now might actually be a good time to buy GM. Before I continue ill say that anyone who takes my advice either is retarded or recognizes genius when they see it. Anyways GM north America is the only part of GM that loses money, GM is making good money in all other parts of the world. In many regions sales are increasing quite rapidly.

They are currently in the process of trimming off the ‘dead weight’ in north America. In 2 years time I predict that GM north America might be making money, at the very least they will stop dragging the entire company down so over all GM will be making a profit.

Then theres the Volt. You can look it up, but the gist of it is that its an electric car that can go a decent amount on a nightly charge, then it can also burn gas to produce electricity for longer trips. I think this car will be very successful, especially with gas prices being as they are.

So theres my thoughts, by 2012 I can picture a pretty dramatic increase in GMs stock price. I don’t have time to point out all of the potential problems with everything I just said


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It came to my attention the other day that you cant leave a comment on my blog unless you are a member at blogger. I think thats stupid, but thats what i get for taking the easy way out and using something like blogger.

Anyways if you want to leave a comment and your not a member you can either e-mail it to or leave me a message and on my entrecard account and ill post it.


[UPDATE: Thanks for those who helped me fix this]

A triple update for weeks 8, 9, and 10. Ive been lazy i know

Bank account: $2550
Wallet: $180
Loans to friends: $90
Uncashed cheques: $150
PTC Accounts: $1134
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $4
Total: $4133

PTC sites: $64
Work: $1600
Total: $1664

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $1796.55 above this weeks goal

Paid to click sites income still low. Adsense, although still really really low, is increasing for me as a result of more traffic to the blog, i hope its a trend that continues. Not much more to say

Question about Adsense

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Hello all,

I was just checking out my adsense account and noticed that even though i have not had any ads clicked today yet i have still made 1 cent. Does anyone know why? Please respond in the comments


NeoBux, PTC evolved?

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Im pretty excited about NeoBux. It has been around for a bit but is finally letting people get referrals. There’s a lot of things that make NeoBux different from traditional paid to click sites so what im going to do is go through each of the main points about the site, say something positive about it and something negative, thing decide if over all its good or bad.

Renting referrals: That’s right at NeoBux you don’t buy referrals, you rent them for 30 cents a month.Pro: You can get a lot of referrals quickly for a small amount of money
Con: Over the period of a several months you will end up paying more for them then if you bought them like most sites.
Overall? Pro! This, just like all the points im making are just my opinion and you may feel differently. But I feel that starting off with a whole lot of referrals is better then slowly getting them and in the end will result in more profit.

Recycle referrals: You have the option at any point to trade in a referral for a new one for 5 cents.
Pro: Lets you build a stronger team (from this point on the term army will be used to up the coolness factor) of referrals for a low cost.
Con: May result in the unreferred pool being flooded with less then desirable people.
Overall? Pro! The Con for this point is pretty weak which will be explained in the next two topics.

Automatic referral recycling: Neobux automatically replaces any referrals who have not clicked in the past 14 days
Pro: Replaces people who aren’t clicking with people who are, oh and this is free.
Con: Ok contest time, 10 points to someone who comes up with a reasonable con here
Overall? Pro…. Its just a really great feature

Autopay: Pay 0.9 cents for your referrals each day instead of a lump sum of 30 cents a month, but only if they click, if they don’t click they you don’t pay. You don’t have to use autopay if you don’t want to
Pro: 0.9 cents X 30 =<30 cents, tiny deal here. You only pay if your making money.
Con: If you’re a standard member then the person has to click at least 2 ads if you are going to make money on a given day.
Overall? Pro! This is how I look at it. I see the original 30 cents that you use to rent for one month actually the price to purchase them. Then if autopay is turned on they will always stay your referrals (as long as you don’t recycle them and they don’t go 14 days without clicking) and then the 0.9 cents per day is like a tax on your earnings. If the person clicks 3 times in a month, you only end up paying 2.7 cents for them that month instead of 30.

0.5 per referral click: Standard members only get 0.5 cents per referral click and upgraded members get 1 cent.
Pro: this is tough… ummmm encourages more people to upgrade and there for give the site more money and less chance they will close down?
Con: 0.5 cents is well below average\
Overall? Con! I want more then 0.5 cents dammit!

Instant payments: Best thing to happen to PTC sites ever…. An amazing thing to offer in a time where most sites are months late with their payments.

Use your account balance to pay for referrals:
Pro: avoid Alert Pay fees accrued when you transfer from the site to your account, just to go right back in the site.
Con: I don’t know. Another 10 points for someone who comes up with a reasonable con here
Overall? Pro! Seriously why don’t more sited offer this? Ive only had referrals for 36 hours now and I already plan on buying more with the money these ones earned me, its great.

There are other things to go over but this gives a pretty good introduction to some of the things that separate NeoBux from your average site. Like I said im pretty excited about this site. One down side however the number of ads is on the low side, but that being said it is a pretty new site and hopefully with some time there will be more

Around the start of June I bought referrals at and 35 at both at them, they are both decent PTC sites, more then 10 ads per ad for standard members.

Unfortunately the results have been less then great, ive earned $4.88 and Worldbux and $5.88 and VisitandWin in 15 days. Much less then I was hoping for. But it made me start to think about what actually is a good return on investment for PTC sites? If you want to compare then to bonds then 10% would be a great return.

Lets see what my average daily earnings would have to be to make 10% on these referrals in a year.

Cost: $35
Amount needed to earn: the original 35 to break even plus 10%= $38.5

$38.5/365= $0.10/day

That’s pretty promising, only 10 cents a day to get a return of 10%. Most people including myself would consider this a pretty crappy return, but when you compare it to other investments possibilities it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Especially with interest rates not necessarily being at a all time high. I was checking out Ontario Savings bond the other day at work, mostly because I was bored, pretty pathetic, like 3%. But hey, if you want an investment with virtually no risk, they might be your thing.

Ive been an active participant with EntreCard for a bit now, i dunno how long, a month? I've been experimenting with different valued ads trying to figure out whats the best value, 1 expensive ad or several less expensive ads. For the record expensive is 128 and less expensive is 32 or 64, for my current experiments.

The results are pretty much like flipping a coin, ive had 128 ads result in no clicks at all and 32 ads result in the same amount as my best 128 ad. So what to do?

One concern that i have is that some people just go to their blog and keep clicking my ad in an attempt to make me think 'wow! When i advertise here i get so many clicks for so cheap!' Unfortunately i have no way of finding this out.

So whats best? My most accurate answer right now is i have no idea. My prediction however is that alot of moderately priced ads, maybe 64 credit ads? With only 1 or 2 a day would be best.

Starting now though i plan on trying to find out, Im going to buy 10 ads worth 16, 32, 64, and 128 to see what works best. After that ill also expand it to 256 ads, it would just take too long right now with the amount of drops i get / make each day right now.

That being said before id like to say good bye for the night by saying that i follow the 'u drop i follow' philosophy, i just dont have it stated below my card like some people

Belong to a paid to click site? Cant find time to click every day? Dont see the point of clicking? Read....

Ok im what many people would call a leech or whatever, i dont click everyday, when i do click i often dont all the available ads. I get most my money from referral clicks and as i said in a earlier post i feel no responsibility to my referee to click everyday. But when i do i build it into my everyday activities. Here are 3 easy ways to get your clicks in without taking any extra time out of your day.

While watching TV: While watching TV is the perfect time to click, all it takes is a couple seconds of semi attention to close the current ad and open a new on. Easy to do without losing a beat of your favorite show.

While instant messaging: Use MSN or another messenger program? Chances are you find yourself every once in awhile not reading a message or typing one... so click an ad. Like TV this is easy to do without getting lost in your conversations.

Working out: Lift weights? Have an ad running while your lifting. Then when your resting between sets a perfect to click some more. If you take one minutes rests in between sets that means 3 ads pure set. If your not into weights maybe you can incorporate it into other ex cerises as well. Personally i think that tread mills and clicking may not mix.

So heres a question why bother clicking, 1 cent per 30 seconds = $1.20 an hour, pathetic yes? Agreed. But if you use these methods its not actually taking up your time since your doing exactly what you would be doing anyways.
Plus think of it this way, what if you use your clicking money to buy referrals? Now that money is making more money buy itself. Then you can use that money to buy more referrals, and so on and so fourth. One day you could wake up to find that that $1.20 that you took an hour to earn has now turned into $20, $50, theoretically there is no limit

Roy enters the stock market?

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I have very little experience with the stock market, i never bought stocks before, but i have done research and learned a fair bit from my dad.

Anyways theres a company that ive been watching and due to alot of recent troubles in Asia the stock price has fallen pretty low. Im just waiting / hoping for it to drop a little further then I think I will buy. Ill update in a bit with what happens.

I think the majority of people would agree investing in stocks is more or less a much to be 'rich and successful' So this could be the start of me getting another, more mature, form of income other then PTC sites. And the best thing of all is it has my favorite attribute, if you want you can leave investments alone for weeks/months/years without having to do any actual work with them, perfect

Id like to started off by thanking Janet for the perfect title for this entry. I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I was going to write this, then I visited her blog for the first time and saw it. I encourage you all to visit her blog The Abundant Alliance Blog, she has a lot of good info on some money making areas that I haven’t branched into yet.

Its kind of funny how the timing for this entry came together, and by funny I mean pretty sad and terrible. The company I work for is going on hard times, announced 1000 people will be laid off recently. Then like I said the day I decided id write this I came across Janets blog which gave it the perfect title. Then 2 hours later at work I learned that my work is laying off another 1600 people in this area alone, and about 10000 in total across Canada, the States, and Mexico. Which strongly reinforced everything I was thinking.

So many people left without work. Almost all of them entirely financially dependent on these jobs. The vast majority of them are relatively uneducated and probably wont be able to find new jobs where they make nearly as much as they did here. A lot of people are saying good they don’t deserve so much money anyways (you people are ass holes who the hell are you to say how much they deserve?). Anyways they have built their life around making a certain income, buying houses and cars with mortgages that they could afford, many probably cant now. And its not just these people that will suffer, same with the more educated people, people who have put a good part of their life into this company expecting to be able to retire with a pension and live comfortably. Now many are left with nothing for retirement and find themselves at a point where if they get a new job they wont be able to work long enough before retirement to be entitled to retirement benefits close to what they thought they would have.

In between the 1000 people laid off and the other 9000 I found myself becoming rather cynical about the standard way of living, that being get a job, work there a long time and retire happily. It doesn’t matter how hard you work all it takes is one person to decide that you and everyone else you work with are screwed and your left with nothing.

This is why everyone should in one way or another ‘Take Control of Their Destiny’ Don’t leave it up to other people to make sure that everything is going to work out alright for you, or you might end up feeling like a pawn being sacrificed in a game of chess. This is my real goal, to be in control of my life. Not that im giving up on the 1 million or anything…

Anyways I know im not nearly to the point where I can say hey look at me, ill be fine no matter what happens because ive set up so many income streams and making a crap load of money. Actually right now im also at risk from my company, not because if I get fired ill be ‘stranded’, but because my Dad also works for them. Although im pretty financially dependent from them the fact is I can only work 4 months a year because of school, and come the end of the school year usually need them to help me and my brother.

Summing up take a look at your life, where would you be if you lost your job? Would you be ok? If not maybe you should start to change that

A double update for weeks 6 and 7

Bank account: $1993
Wallet: $30
Loans to friends: $90
Uncashed cheques: $150
PTC Accounts: $1060
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $0.50
Total: $3348.5

PTC sites: $100 50/week
Work: $1600
Total: $1700 850/week

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $2204.95 above this weeks goal

As i said earlier im suffering from declining clicks on my best 2 PTC sites. I also paid some credit bar bills and had some expensive nights out, together they played havoc on my paycheck from the first half of May. Oh and i had to put $500 into my car, but put it on my credit card so its not reflected in the numbers yet. Ill have to put another $500 in at some point, but im hoping not until the end of summer at the earliest. I drove into a ditch around January and screwed up my front 2 tires a bit, dam snow, but im really lucky thats all that happened, it was a big ditch, you couldnt even see the top on my car if you were standing in the middle of the road. Im getting off topic.

Oh by the way, has anyone seen my first weeks summary? it seems to have disappeared on me...

It’s something that everyone who has referrals at a PTC sites (and all kinds of other ventures) has to expect, sooner or later you will get less clicks, you will make less money. Its pretty much unavoidable and can happen for numerous reasons. Some people decide that clicking isn’t worth their time and give up PTC sites, some people buy a lot of referrals and stop clicking because the money they make clicking ads doesn’t even start to compare with what their referrals make them. I personally have been in both of these groups. When I first came across PTC sites I clicked a lot, but after a couple of weeks I wasn’t happy with the amount I had made so I gave them up. A couple of weeks later I decided that buying referrals might produce some good results. At first I still clicked everyday because my referral income was relatively low so my personal clicks still made pretty big impact. But once I was making more then $5 a day from referrals clicking for 20 extra cents starts to become more and more of a chore. Don’t get me wrong I still do some clicking, espically for new sites that I join so I can help push my balance above the first payout limit. But after that it gets dropped into my cycle, Monday I might click on one site, Tuesday a different one ect.

Some people seem to think that by joining a PTC site you somehow have a responsibility to your referee to keep clicking, whether you know them or not. Personally I think this is the biggest load of crap ever. I join sites for me, and over the course of a couple months im pretty certain that I will make the person that bought me the approximate dollar I cost, plus probably a dollar or 2. The point is though that buying referrals is a risk, you have to accept that some people will stop clickng after 2 days, and some after 6 months, and hope that over all you get your money back plus some. One time I got in an argument on a PTC sites forum about this, since then ive learned to not get involved in online arguments, they always end in headache and involve way too many emoticons (I frigging hate those things, if I ever own some kind of forum they will be banned). As far as im concerned the only ‘responsibilities’ that I have is to follow the TOS (terms of service aka the rules, for those who don’t know)

Im posting this because in the past week, after months of pretty constant clicking two of my top PTC sites, and Bux3 are finally starting to slow down in terms of my referral clicks. Bux3 has gone from making me about $1.20 a day to only a couple of cents, and has gone from making me 8-10 to 4-7 dollars a day. Id like to REALLY EMPHASIZE (hence the annoying use of capitals….sorry) that I am not saying these two sites are going down hill of anything bad about them. In fact I cant wait to buy more referrals from them, this is just something that happens no matter where you buy your referrals and is no way a reflection on the quality of the site. Im ok, more or less, with my referrals here clicking less because and bux3 I have made my money back twice (doubled it) with this set of active referrals and with I made my money back at least 4 times (at least tripled it), plus at im still making a healthy aprox $5 a day.

Like I said im very much looking forward to buying more referrals at these sites, im expecting a payment from bux3 in a week or 2 (I know I keep saying that) and from hopefuly in June

So yesterday / part of today the first ad i purchased using my Entrecard credits ran. A really cool feature of Entrecard is the stats they give you. For example it tells me that the ad brought my site 12 visitors which means that each one cost me 10.67 credits (i paid 128 for it). Obviously you can figure out the cost per click pretty easily, but for the brain dead its a great feature. It keeps track of these stats for all ads ran in the last 30 days so you can easily compare which is the best.

Thats it, kind of a half assed post i know, but like i said im always freaking exhausted lately. Especially tomorrow, i have to be at work at 6 30, which means i have to be awake by 5, thats what working for 'the man' gets you.

I know i missed my weekly update this week, ill probably just do a double one on Sunday.

Lack of posts lately

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I haven't been posting much this past week, ive just been so freaking tried, i must of fallen asleep 5 times at work today. Anyways i hope to get some energy soon, im hoping for tonight even.

Yaa for Income Tax!

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Ok I know im probably in the vast majority for saying this but let me explain. Im not sure how it works in the rest of the world but in Canada students get most of the taxes that come off our salary back when we file out taxes.

Unfortunately for me my company doesn’t deduct most of the taxes in the first place because of this. Anyways I got my refund cheque (theres some more Canadian culture for you, the spelling of cheque, although a lot of people here spell it cheque, because the q is tricky after all) it was just over $200. Yay $200, although most of my friends get over $1000. I realize that in the end it doesn’t matter because I still got that money when I was working last year, but these cheques always seem like free money, with logic like this it’s a wonder im not a millionaire already eh? Anyways seeing as its ‘free money’ ive decide to put half of it into money making projects, I just have to wait for it to be added to my Alertpay account, and use the other half to buy something for me. Something other then beer! Havent decided quite yet though yet, not that you really care about that part…

First Entrecard ad puchased

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I purchased my first entrecard last night. Its for a site thats on the front page of the making money online section. It cost me 128 credits (the most anyone has paid for an ad on my blog has been 16, maybe 32 one time).

A feature i really like is the entrecard tracks how many people visit your site each day, they even break it up into the ways they got there, if it was from an ad you bought for example. Im looking forward to seeing how many visitors this ad gets me. Its scheduled to run on the 27th i think, so on the 28th or 29th ill post to let you know how many visitors it brought me.

Im not sure what strategy i should adopt, very few ads on popular blogs or lots of ads on not so popular blogs. Ill try both strategies to see which is best but i have a feeling fewer ads on popular sites will be they way to go

Week 5 lets see how im doing...

Bank account: $1500
Wallet: $50
Loans to friends: $140
PTC Accounts: $960
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $0.50
Total: $2675.5

PTC sites: $60
Work: $1600
Total: $1660

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $2092.06 above this weeks goal

Well getting a pay check certainly helped things this week. But PTC earnings were a bit low, and unfortunately no other sources of income. No real great opportunities in the foreseeable future, just staying the course for now

First comment

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Wow i just noticed that on the 14th i got my fist comment ever on this blog. Thanks for taking the time Jeremy.

Today 1 comment, tomorrow the world...

First Pay check

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I got my first pay check today, $1600 for 2 weeks work. Pretty good for the actual amount of work that i do. Good thing too, i have some credit card bills due in a bit and i had to get two new tires for my car today and im going to have to spend like $400 more on the car in a couple of weeks. Frigging car. And what the hell is with gas prices? It cost me $72 dollars to fill up today, ridiculous.

Anyways id like to write a bit more but i have big plans tonight. The gist is pay check = good. Car and other things = bad

It might seem like a stupid tip, but its not…to some people. I have a friend who works for a call center for a credit card company. Its scary how many times I hear stories like these.

Her: How can I help you?

Customer: It’s the first of the month why cant I spend my full 1000 limit?

Her: One second please…. It says here that you only paid the minimum balance last month

Customer: So?

Her: So you cant spend more money until you repay it

Customer: WHAT?!?! I thought I got $1000 free every month!

Her:…that’s not how credit cards work.

Its kind of scary isn’t it? I mean ive understood the concept of a credit card since I was like 5, ok maybe the concept of compound interest was a little above my head but I knew that you had to pay the money back plus some, which although was not a perfect understanding it was right on compared to these people.

I could go on about how they should of read the terms and conditions and about how weird it is that they never stopped to think about why a company would give them free money every month, whats in it for them? But something tells me these aren’t the kind of people who like to read a lot or exercise their brains too much

Come on they must watch TV though (they probably bought a bigger one with their ‘free money’) how could they not of come across some show where people were freaking out over their credit card bills? They probably did, but not understanding what a credit card bill was, and having the general negative feelings towards brain exercise, the mention of something new probably angered or frightened them away from the tv or something.

Writing this post is angering me, so im going to stop ranting here. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about how they probably killed their credit for the next 5 years in a month and don’t understand why that is a bad thing either.

So yes…. Please know what a credit card is before you get one, but something tells me that if you’re reading this blog, you all ready have a pretty good idea.

He wondered what it must be like for beings that weren't whales; it was a hard concept to understand, and thinking about it made him feel a little dizzy, but Artie liked to think - and eat krill. Not necessarily at the same time though.

That’s from a terrible book im reading at work instead of working. The point is be like Artie, think… at least sometimes.

So turns out my strategy to use Yuwie to get more readers isn’t turning out so well. In fact it I haven’t had a single person participate. I didn’t expect it to make my blog the most popular thing in the world or anything, but I’ve seen people work harder for page views then they would have had to with this. So im kind of surprised. Oh well, not like it cost me anything.


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Keeping with my current pusedo trend of talking about advertising I bring you today the EntreCard. The EntreCard can be thought of an online business card for bloggers. You put the EntreCard widget on your blog (you can see mine on the right, it’s the thing with a picture for some other blog and a gold bar across the bottom) and people can drop (give) you their EntreCard. All the cards that people have dropped you show up on your EntreCard account page. When people drop you a card you get a credit, and you drop your card you also get a credit. For this reason if is common practice for many people to drop your card to someone who has dropped you theirs.

What are these credits? You can use your credits to buy the advertising space on the EntreCard widget on someone’s blog. You’ll notice that my widget probably has a picture for some other blog on it rather then my own, that is because that blog paid me credits to advertise for today. The price for advertising is set by the EntreCard people, it is Dependant on how many people want to advertise on your site. You can also use credits to buy services or whatever in the shop section. Credits are transferable so you can also sell them for real money, although I have no idea how much they are worth right now, id assume very little.

In the 3 or so days I’ve used EntreCard I have to say I think it’s a neat idea and I like. It can bring a fair bit of traffic, but most of this is poor quality traffic. A lot of it is just people quickly stopping by to drop their card, no intent of actually reading your blog. Personally I have already used EntreCard to find some blogs that I’m actually interested in reading, I hope im not the only one.

Feel free to drop me your card if you use EntreCard, pretty good chance that ill drop you mine.

AdBux has ads???

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Well this was a surprise to me. I checked my AdBux account for the first time in over a month. It was just to confirm that i can now officially add the money that i invested in AdBux to my 'dead money' list. But to my surprise they actually have more then 1 ad up! Seven to be exact 3 worth 1 cent and 4 worth 0.5 cents totaling 5 cents. I know that this isnt by an means 'good' but im only $3 away from payout and for once in a long time i think its actually possible for me to reach it. Unfortunately all my referrals became inactive a long time ago, and i havent earned a cent from the site since the end of march, and that was from me clicking an ad. So its still going to take awhile, i estimate 3 months before i can cash out. Assuming the amount of ads stay constant and i dont get any new referrals (i know that it should take 60 days, but im assuming theres alot of days where i wont be clicking in that period)

For those who dont know the history of AdBux heres a short summary. AdBux was one of the first (possibly the first?) PTC sites around. And for awhile they were considered the best. Then came around and that changed. As start to climb in popularity Adbux tried to drag their name through the mud. This pretty much backfired, people thought they went too far and boycotted Adbux, but a large population stayed loyal to it. For whatever reason the amount of ads a day dropped to 1 or 2 for months. Could this be the start of Adbux climb back to near of the top of the PTC ladder?

A couple of notes about AdBux

They also have paid offers to complete worth various amounts, the highest currently is worth over $5. I might check some of these out, i might be able to reach the payout amount in a couple of days verses months
Their 0.5 cent ads only take 10 seconds, means you make more per second then most other sites... by a bit
After every ad you have to type in a 5 letter code to make sure your a real person, kind of annoying but not the end of the world

Week 4 Lets See how im doing

Bank account: $400 (aprox)
Wallet: $150
PTC Accounts: $900 (aprox)
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $0.50
Total: $1475.5

PTC sites: $90
Apple Patch Diet: $0
Adsense: $0.50
Total: $90.50

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $1102.10 above this weeks goal

My assets went down from last week, which kind of blows but i pretty expectable. New source of income this week, Adsense. Didnt exactly make me a crap load of money, but now that im concentrating on increasing the amount of people who read the blog that might change. Need a payout from a PTC site badly.....
Oh i forgot that i lent $100 to somebody, but too lazy to go back and change all the numbers. SO im actually up a insignificant amount from last week.

So you all know what Yuwie is (or would if you regularly read my blog, look two posts ago if you don’t know what it is) Anyways as I said earlier I gave my Yuwie account to my friend Stacey. Now me and Stacey both want the same thing, we both want people to come to our sites, and we both want that to result in money for us. I came up with this plan which I hope will help both of us out.

Stacey posts a blog on her Yuwie page explaining that she will leave 10 comments on their Yuwie homepage for every person who visit my site, 5 comments for every person who leaves a comment on one of my blog posts, and 15 comments for ever comment that inspires me to make a new post, whether it be just answering a question, or my thoughts on a particular site or whatever.

This is a simplified version of our arrangement, there are some restrictions that aren’t overly important for the purpose of this post.

Lets examine why I hope this will be a success for both of us.

Obviously for me it will bring people to my blog who will hopefully click on some of my Adsense ads, or join some of the same sites I have and become my referral. And so on. Pretty simple.

For Stacey: First of all it will bring people to her Yuwie page and make them leave comments so she knows that they visited my blog. This results in page views for her which results in money. Secondly while leaving comments on other peoples pages as ‘payment for visiting my blog other people will see her comments and some will want to become friends with her and therefore also increase her page views. Thirdly, I forgot to mention this, but im putting a free banner for her at the bottom of the blog that will hopefully result in some referrals for her which results in money.

So theres my plan, I think it’s a half decent one but we will see. Not sure when this will be implemented, its up to Stacey.

As you may have noticed ive added adsense ads and other ad sections to the blog. This is my first time using adsense. The gist of it is when people visit your site and click the ads you get money, simple. No need to go into deeper logistics of it right now, maybe at a later time when I have some experience. I guess I’ll just include ads are worth more then others, for example someone clicking an ad on your site for a new car would be worth more then someone clicking for a dog sweater ad (probably at least… could be the other way around techincally)

The amount you make from Adsense is dependent on the amount of people who click, so the more people that visit your site the better. I expect to make very little, at least at first because I have a sneaking suspicion I have a pretty low readership. But I have a plan to change that! At least a little, probably only a little, I might even unveil it today.

The second type of advertising ive introduced is paid ads. Basically you pay to get your ad/banner/ banner ad/ whatever for a predetermined period of time put on my blog. It doesn’t depend on clicks or anything, its up for that period of time no matter what. Actually I guess I should monitor the content of where the ads link to, but im pretty hard to offend so almost anything will be acceptable. Im starting the rate at $2 per month, pretty damm low id say. Im going to make a new e-mail address for my dealings with people for my online ‘businesses’ ill post it here when I do that. UPDATE: Its, as stated on the available ad spaces now.

Question time. Pretend that you’re looking for a blog to advertise on, what would influence your choice?

High number of readers? (maybe proved by a counter?)
High reader activity? (lots of comments)
Quality of content?
All of the above? None of the above?
Blogs with good spelling and grammar? (please say no to this one!)

Let me know


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What is Yuwie? Yuwie is a social networking site that pays you money.
It has all the stuff you would expect from a social networking site, make friends, post picture, write blogs, join groups, leave friends messages ect.

How do you make money with Yuwie?
You get paid per page views. Alot of things count as a page view, when someone visits your profile, reads a blog entry, views your pictures, leaves a comment anywhere and so on. Also when you navigate throughout your own profile.
You can also refer people and you then get paid for their page views, and for their referrals page views, and for their referrals page view, and for.... it goes on like this for up to 10 levels, which is pretty sweet.

What do i think of Yuwie?
I used to have an account on Yuwie, but gave up because i wasnt getting far, but i think with a little bit of effort to get some referrals Yuwie has the potential to be a good source of income. I gave my account to my friend Stacey to see if she can make anything out of it.

Heres some examples of the power of Yuwies 10 level referral program:

Say you refer 2 people and each person continues to refer 2 people

Level 1: 2 people
Level 2: 4 people
Level 3: 8 people
Level 4: 16 people
Level 5: 32 people
Level 6: 64 people
Level 7: 128 people
Level 8: 256 people
Level 9: 512 people
Level 10: 1024 people

Total: 2046 people in your downline

Now assume each of those people only makes you:
1 cent a month per person = $20.46 dollars a month
2 cents a month per person = $40.92 dollars a month
5 cents a month per person = $102.30 dollars a month
10 cents a month per person = $204.60 dollars a month

Say you refer 3 people and each person continues to refer 3 people

Level 1: 3 people
Level 2: 9 people
Level 3: 27 people
Level 4: 81 people
Level 5: 243 people
Level 6: 729 people
Level 7: 2187 people
Level 8: 6561 people
Level 9: 19863 people
Level 10: 59049 people

Total: 88752 people in your downline

Now assume each of those people only makes you:
1 cent a month per person = $887.52 dollars a month
2 cents a month per person = $1775.04 dollars a month
5 cents a month per person = $4437.60 dollars a month
10 cents a month per person = $8875.20 dollars a month

Now obviously not every referral is going to live up to these expectations. But this illustrates that with just a couple good referrals you can earn a fair bit. Sometimes Yuwie also give out free referrals assuming that you have been 'active lately' From my experience this just means log in at least once a week.

If you want to give Yuwie a try, you can join

The Titan network

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The Titan network is a series of PTC sites, and recently another site or two that i havent been caught up with. The PTC sites are:


I have referrals at Advercash and TitanClicks. I bought these early in my PTC career and kind of regret it, but i was new and anxious to make some money. All three sites have the majority of their ads worth less then a cent, alot worth as little as a tenth of a cent. Up until recently i classified Advercash and TitanClicks as two of my non-active sites, meaning i never clicked. However this changed for a couple reasons. Im now less then $2.50 away from making the payout at TitanClicks. However with like 1 active referral and low priced ads this could still take awhile to reach. The second is that all of the Titan Network except for Advercash is for sale, and i think possibly already sold. And i dont know if the new owners will be as respectable (The Titan Network has a pretty good reputation for being legit). So i want to get to the ay out and get my $12.50. I know its like nothing, but if will buy so referrals at some other site.

Now for Advercash. The one site that isnt being sold, however the emphasis of it is moving away from ads and towards paid offers (paid to sign up, paid to fill out ect). These are great some are worth more then a dollar. However i havent been able to find ANY that are available to Canadians! So now i have just short of $10 in my Avercash account, maybe 1 or 2 active referrals and a grand total of like 2 cents worth of ads a day. It will take me at least 100 days to reach the $15 payout. But they have a new feature coming out soon, adverbusinesses. The details of it are still fuzy but basically you get a 'business' with up to 5 employess and you try to increase your net worth (i assume through offers mostly?) And you can attack other businesses to reduce their net worth.

You need 10 adverbucks to get a adverbusiness. You can get adverbucks but completing offers or trading $1 for 1 adverbuck. So soon ill have enough for my own adverbusiness. I have no idea how profitable these things will be, but at this point in time i think i have no other choice if i ever hope to see any money from this site.
Anyone have any thoughts on the Titan Network or my situation with it?

Week 3 Lets See how im doing

Bank account: $600 (aprox)
Wallet: $50
PTC Accounts: $810 (aprox)
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Total: $1485

PTC sites: $60
Apple Patch Diet: $25
Total: $85

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $1275.65 above this weeks goal

Not much to talk about this week. Im hoping to get my payment from bux3 any week now which will open up a new line of income when i use it to buy referrals to a new site, not sure what one yet, suggestions?

My New Job

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I had my first week of work this week. Now i know what you're thinking 'Both Bill Gates and Will Smith have jobs, and they're rich! (any Clone High fans out there?) hes surely going to make it!' But dont get too excited, pretty much all the money i make, and then some probably will be needed to pay for school next year, so my bank account is going to get some what artificaly inflated throughout the summer just to be almost wiped out in September, and then again in January.

I forget how much im making... something around $1000 a week, i think a bit less. We'll see when i get my first pay check in a couple weeks

Apple Patch Diet

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So Ive signed up for the Apple Patch Diet affiliate program.

What is is the Apple Patch Diet?
The name is misleading, youd think that the diet involved using a patch, which is used to but not anymore. They reformulated the diet and the new main ingredient cant be absorbed through a patch, so now its taken in pill form. Basically how is works is that the main active ingredient makes you feel full so you dont have the urge to eat. And of course theres also a bunch of other stuff in there that promotes weight loss and and good minerals and vitamins and all that jazz. The diet costs $50.

How does the affiliate program work?
They give you your own affiliate website, and when people order the diet from your site you get $25. They have forms set up for you to submit your site to something like 200 different search engines, the whole process takes about 15 minutes. You have to resubmit your site to the search engines every month (well you dont have to, but if you want your site to stay on them you do). Of course you can also do whatever else you want to to promote your site, talk to friends, message boards, take out PTC site ads whatever. It costs $29 dollars to sign up for the program but they give you $25 dollars back right away. You have to have at least $100 dollars in your account before you can cash out, so before you get any money you need to have at least 3 people order the diet from your site.

So far i havent managed to sell the diet to anyone, but i havent put any additional effort into it yet except to submit it to all the search engines.
Im not sure what kind of performance i expect from this program yet. I guess it all depends on how much effort i put into it, which probably wont be alot. So if it can manage to give me even a measly $25 dollars a month thats pretty good for the 15 minutes it takes a month to submit them to the search engines.

If you think youd like to try the apple patch diet feel free to order it from my site HERE. And feel free to get all of your friends and family to do the same. If anyone has actually tried the diet id love to hear from a 'real person' about what they think about it closed

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So just closed down. Im not overly upset but i did have 30 referrals there so its a bit annoying, and i had a 21 dollar payment that was coming to me. was one of 'non-active' PTC sites. Meaning i had referrals there, but all but 1 or 2 had become inactive, and i think at the end all of them were actually.
My normal plan of action is that if a site can make me as much money as i put into it (in a decent amount of time) then ill put more into the site. Through no fault of its own didnt do this for me. I spent 30 on referrals and was going to get a payout of 21, which took 3 months to make, way too slow. But like i said this wasnt the sites fault, i jsut had bad luck with the referrals i bought which can happen at any PTC. They usually had about 10 1cent ads, which was pretty good, better then alot of sites that people give raving reviews about.

Ill give my version of Paid.vgs history here is pretty old (in PTC site years at least....) and when i joined had a pretty good reputation. This reputation continued for awhile, people all over sang its praise. Then in march the site wouldnt accept payouts (you could only submit a payout on 1 specific day a month) Mistakes happen whatever i was ok with that (oh by the way this is the month i requested payout) but the owner didnt acknowledge the problem until 3 days later leaving everyone screaming SCAM. He let people request payout after he acknowledged the mistake. So we all waited patently for our money, the 30 day mark came and went, which didnt bother me because its rare for a PTC site to be able to stick to its TOS. However around the 45 day mark i was getting annoyed, from what i could tell from the forums at this point little if anyone was being paid, and there was no communications from the admin admitting a problem. payments are chronically late, but they always keep the users up to date with information. So at this point im pretty much thinking is a scam now, and i couple of days later i read that its closing.
The owner gave a nice speech about how hes sorry and so on and so worth, i believe that he didnt scam anyone he just couldnt make a go of it. Hes even paying out the 3000ish dollars left in the sites accounts to people who have lost money, meaning if you spent 100 on referrals, already got a 200 payout and now waiting for your next payout you dont qualify because as a whole you made money. I put my name down on the list but dont expect to see any money. 3000 doesnt split well over thousands of people.
The owner made some troubling remarks, he claims that the PTC business model doesnt work, all sites are doomed and referred to as a 'ticking time bomb' or something like that.... Is he right? will all sites sooner or later go down or is it jsut the case that he wasnt able to make it work and therefore assumes that no one can? I guess time will tell.

Week 2 Lets See how im doing

Bank account: $500 (aprox)
Wallet: $130
PTC Accounts: $750 (aprox)
Total: $1380

PTC sites: $70

Food $30
Cigarettes $25
Coffee $10
Total $65

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $1286.65 above this weeks goal


My PTC earnings should be about $20 dollars higher, however one of my 'non-active sites closed down most likely taking my $21 dollars in my account with it. Ill be posting something about soon, maybe tomorrow, i dunno im in the middle of moving so im busy and tired.

So $70 income this week, not bad for pretty much not doing anything, but it wont nearly be enough to reach my goal. This week or next week im hoping to get involved with a new program. More about that when it happens

Summer = more Clicking?

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Over the past week ive noticed that on most of my PTC sites my referrals have been clicking more. About 10% more so its resulting in a couple more dollars a day for me.
My theory is that PTC sites attract generally a younger crowd. And now that people are finishing up university and college they have more free time and are spending it clicking? I dunno i could be way off, there could be some other reason or this might just be a freak week. Ill be paying attention at the end of may when high schools are done for the year.
Has anyone else noticed this or have an other explanation?

UPDATE: I retract this post, it seems i just had a couple freak days of good clicking from my referrals

Security Tip

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I told myself i wouldn't post anything until Thursday when my exams are done but im going crazy and need a small break, so i have a small tip for you.

This should go for everything in general but i think it applies more to PTC sites then most other things. For each site you join you should have a different user name and password. I know kind of a pain, if you're like me you have the same user name and password for all kinds of things. However when dealing with an industry that can be kind of 'shady' at times, such as PTC sites i think its a necessary precaution.
There as been cases where less then honest PTC owners/ hackers/ whoever have used usernames and passwords from one site to steal accounts on another.
Even if you do this you should try to do some research when looking for a site to join. Its not hard to find out which sites have a good reputation and which dont. Try to join sites that have been around awhile. Its not uncommon for new sites to pop up, collect a bunch of money from people upgrading accounts and buying referrals then disappear taking all the money with them.

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Current Sources of Income

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Right now im crazily busy with school so my only income sources are PTC sites (see right side of the blog to get a quick description of PTC sites)

I have bought referrals at about 6 sites with wide varying success. Right now the only ones i consider myself active are
Iselbelmarco's Moneymaker

By active i mean i plan on buying referrals again, sometimes actually click ads myself, and would be upset if they were to close down. The others that i have referrals in are making me like 3 cents a day, so if they were to close down i wont be crying. right now is my main money maker and i expect this to be true for quite some time now, i highly recommend it for anyone new to the PTC game or someone looking for a new site to ad to their PTC portfolio. Once i get my next payment from, which unfortunately wont be until June i think, i plan on working with a couple new PTC sites as well as use some of the money to branch into other things.

First post woo.....

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A little about me.

Im 21, live in Canada, going to school to be an electrical engineer. Thats all you really need to know, and even that is over doing it... but for some reason you actually want to know more about me post a question and ill answer it.

This is just an idea of what you can expect to hear about.

What methods im using to make money and how you can use them too
Major accomplishments and setbacks towards my goals
Weekly updates of how close i am to my goal and my general financial state

Any questions about anything im doing can be asked by posting comments.

P.S. im aware that my spelling and grammar are shit so feel free not to comment on them