Ive been an active participant with EntreCard for a bit now, i dunno how long, a month? I've been experimenting with different valued ads trying to figure out whats the best value, 1 expensive ad or several less expensive ads. For the record expensive is 128 and less expensive is 32 or 64, for my current experiments.

The results are pretty much like flipping a coin, ive had 128 ads result in no clicks at all and 32 ads result in the same amount as my best 128 ad. So what to do?

One concern that i have is that some people just go to their blog and keep clicking my ad in an attempt to make me think 'wow! When i advertise here i get so many clicks for so cheap!' Unfortunately i have no way of finding this out.

So whats best? My most accurate answer right now is i have no idea. My prediction however is that alot of moderately priced ads, maybe 64 credit ads? With only 1 or 2 a day would be best.

Starting now though i plan on trying to find out, Im going to buy 10 ads worth 16, 32, 64, and 128 to see what works best. After that ill also expand it to 256 ads, it would just take too long right now with the amount of drops i get / make each day right now.

That being said before id like to say good bye for the night by saying that i follow the 'u drop i follow' philosophy, i just dont have it stated below my card like some people


  1. Anonymous // June 12, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

    I think that focusing on just the price will give you misleading results. When I place ads, I look at many factors, popularity, price (and with that the popularity/price ratio), how that relates to metrics from other sites like Alexa and compete. (I use an addon to see those values.)

    I also factor in how recent the posts are. If they are daily, I value the site higher than if it is weekly, and if it has been over a week since a new post has gone up, I'm much less likely to advertise.

    Positioning of the EntreCard widget is another factor I consider. Is it on the website when I first see the website? Do I have to scroll down to see it? How far do I have to scroll down? Does it take a while to load because of lots of other widgets?

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how good is the content? Are people reading the site likely to be interested in my site? If the site is about SEO or written in a language other than English, the readers of the site might not be as interested in my site.

    For more on this, stop by and read my blog post, Content and Advertising Strategy - EntreCard.


  2. infinitewebprofit // June 13, 2008 at 1:39 AM  

    I buy entrecard ads on:
    Sites that are updated daily or trice a week.
    Sites that entrecard widget is on top of the page.
    I only place ads on sites in my niche.

  3. Garden Gnome // June 15, 2008 at 6:33 PM  

    Here's how I think about it. There's the price but if you wait long enough the price goes down anyway.

    I am going to differ from what OL said in that the EC widget is not as much of a factor for me. See the design of my site dictates slightly below the fold but I'm still getting good hits. As for the other comments about updating, I have four blogs. Updating daily, well just forget it and yet I get good content out. When I'm placing ads It really doesn't matter to me where the widget is as long as there is good content.