Yaa for Income Tax!

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Ok I know im probably in the vast majority for saying this but let me explain. Im not sure how it works in the rest of the world but in Canada students get most of the taxes that come off our salary back when we file out taxes.

Unfortunately for me my company doesn’t deduct most of the taxes in the first place because of this. Anyways I got my refund cheque (theres some more Canadian culture for you, the spelling of cheque, although a lot of people here spell it cheque, because the q is tricky after all) it was just over $200. Yay $200, although most of my friends get over $1000. I realize that in the end it doesn’t matter because I still got that money when I was working last year, but these cheques always seem like free money, with logic like this it’s a wonder im not a millionaire already eh? Anyways seeing as its ‘free money’ ive decide to put half of it into money making projects, I just have to wait for it to be added to my Alertpay account, and use the other half to buy something for me. Something other then beer! Havent decided quite yet though yet, not that you really care about that part…