This is kind of 1.5 entries in one. The two topics overlap in away.

I was just approved by Project Wonderful today so I’ll be selling 125x125 ads through them now. There will also be ads for sale directly through me (currently 2 weeks for 2 dollars).

Project Wonderful is a pretty widespread but I’ll still go over it for the people who are too lazy to look into it like I was up in till recently.
Basically people go to their site to bid on your ad space. Below your ad on your blog it shows the current going rate, I’ve seen from 5-40 cents, although I don’t always pay attention so I'm sure there are higher ones [after checking it out some sites sell ads for over $50 a day]. Project Wonderful takes a 25% commission I think it is. Sounds steep, but they claim to be below industry standards, I’ll take their word on that. Plus I’d say it’s worth it when you consider you don’t need to chase advertisers around trying to collect your money, and spending time changing ads around every week or whatever.

On another note I'm getting rid of some of my other ads. The giant skyscraper AdBrite ad on the right, and the wide banner at the very bottom. I first started using these because you get paid per visitor not per click with them. But through a combination of not enough traffic and low rates they just aren’t doing it for me so they will be gone shortly.

In trading in the 2 big sometimes flash ads for much more resource friendly ads you can expect the blog to load a little faster now. And in continuing with that user friendly attitude as soon as I figure out how to I'm going to move my entrecard up into the header so you don’t have to scroll anymore to get to it.

Ive always kept it close to the top because I hate the feeling for searching through the jungle to try to find where to drop on other peoples sites, but at the same time wanted people to have to spend at least 2 seconds at my blog. But I’ve decided that forcing people to spend less time in my blog may end up causing those who actually are interested in it to be able to discover and spend more time on it.