This comment was left on the first article i wrote about NeoBux.
I'm glad to say that i do have some advice.

It depends on a couple of factors, A) do you have a fast internet connection, and B) do you plan on putting money into it or are you going to start with nothing and work your way up?

If your internet connection is slow then i suggest not upgrading to Golden membership for awhile, this is because conpetition for referrals amoung Golden members is ferece, 2 seconds can mean the difference between getting 100 referrals and getting none.
If your connection is slow then i would suggest buying at least 500 referrals before upgrading.
If your connection is fast then upgrade after haveing as little as 200 referrals, you should be able to buy more no problem at all.

Are you planning on putting money into it? I suggest that you do, but its ok if you dont. If you dont then try to get some friends to join as well to up your income. If you have a blog even better, use it to advertise your link.
However putting $40 into it will really jump start you compared with starting off with nothing.

Another suggestiong is downlaod a program that will allow you to track the average clicks per referral to make recycling them more of a science and less of a guessing game. I use Neobuxox but there are lots of good programs out there.

IMPORTANT!!! With Neobux, if you have referrals you must click everyday! If you dont not only will you not make money from your referrals the day after you dont click but you will lose money because you are still paying their rental fee. The good news is that the vast majority of people only have to click 2 ads a day to get the full benifits of their referrals. So it only takes about 70 seconds of your time. If it is impossible for you to do this occasionally try to get someone like a family member to do it for you.

I'm more then happy to coach anyoe who signs up under my link more throughly in any aspect of Neobux or anyother PTC site. Simply e-mail with your username and ill answer any questions you have at all.


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