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Keeping with my current pusedo trend of talking about advertising I bring you today the EntreCard. The EntreCard can be thought of an online business card for bloggers. You put the EntreCard widget on your blog (you can see mine on the right, it’s the thing with a picture for some other blog and a gold bar across the bottom) and people can drop (give) you their EntreCard. All the cards that people have dropped you show up on your EntreCard account page. When people drop you a card you get a credit, and you drop your card you also get a credit. For this reason if is common practice for many people to drop your card to someone who has dropped you theirs.

What are these credits? You can use your credits to buy the advertising space on the EntreCard widget on someone’s blog. You’ll notice that my widget probably has a picture for some other blog on it rather then my own, that is because that blog paid me credits to advertise for today. The price for advertising is set by the EntreCard people, it is Dependant on how many people want to advertise on your site. You can also use credits to buy services or whatever in the shop section. Credits are transferable so you can also sell them for real money, although I have no idea how much they are worth right now, id assume very little.

In the 3 or so days I’ve used EntreCard I have to say I think it’s a neat idea and I like. It can bring a fair bit of traffic, but most of this is poor quality traffic. A lot of it is just people quickly stopping by to drop their card, no intent of actually reading your blog. Personally I have already used EntreCard to find some blogs that I’m actually interested in reading, I hope im not the only one.

Feel free to drop me your card if you use EntreCard, pretty good chance that ill drop you mine.


  1. Jeremy // May 14, 2008 at 8:02 PM  

    Just found you on Entrecard. Cool Concept.