Current Sources of Income

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Right now im crazily busy with school so my only income sources are PTC sites (see right side of the blog to get a quick description of PTC sites)

I have bought referrals at about 6 sites with wide varying success. Right now the only ones i consider myself active are
Iselbelmarco's Moneymaker

By active i mean i plan on buying referrals again, sometimes actually click ads myself, and would be upset if they were to close down. The others that i have referrals in are making me like 3 cents a day, so if they were to close down i wont be crying. right now is my main money maker and i expect this to be true for quite some time now, i highly recommend it for anyone new to the PTC game or someone looking for a new site to ad to their PTC portfolio. Once i get my next payment from, which unfortunately wont be until June i think, i plan on working with a couple new PTC sites as well as use some of the money to branch into other things.