Id like to started off by thanking Janet for the perfect title for this entry. I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I was going to write this, then I visited her blog for the first time and saw it. I encourage you all to visit her blog The Abundant Alliance Blog, she has a lot of good info on some money making areas that I haven’t branched into yet.

Its kind of funny how the timing for this entry came together, and by funny I mean pretty sad and terrible. The company I work for is going on hard times, announced 1000 people will be laid off recently. Then like I said the day I decided id write this I came across Janets blog which gave it the perfect title. Then 2 hours later at work I learned that my work is laying off another 1600 people in this area alone, and about 10000 in total across Canada, the States, and Mexico. Which strongly reinforced everything I was thinking.

So many people left without work. Almost all of them entirely financially dependent on these jobs. The vast majority of them are relatively uneducated and probably wont be able to find new jobs where they make nearly as much as they did here. A lot of people are saying good they don’t deserve so much money anyways (you people are ass holes who the hell are you to say how much they deserve?). Anyways they have built their life around making a certain income, buying houses and cars with mortgages that they could afford, many probably cant now. And its not just these people that will suffer, same with the more educated people, people who have put a good part of their life into this company expecting to be able to retire with a pension and live comfortably. Now many are left with nothing for retirement and find themselves at a point where if they get a new job they wont be able to work long enough before retirement to be entitled to retirement benefits close to what they thought they would have.

In between the 1000 people laid off and the other 9000 I found myself becoming rather cynical about the standard way of living, that being get a job, work there a long time and retire happily. It doesn’t matter how hard you work all it takes is one person to decide that you and everyone else you work with are screwed and your left with nothing.

This is why everyone should in one way or another ‘Take Control of Their Destiny’ Don’t leave it up to other people to make sure that everything is going to work out alright for you, or you might end up feeling like a pawn being sacrificed in a game of chess. This is my real goal, to be in control of my life. Not that im giving up on the 1 million or anything…

Anyways I know im not nearly to the point where I can say hey look at me, ill be fine no matter what happens because ive set up so many income streams and making a crap load of money. Actually right now im also at risk from my company, not because if I get fired ill be ‘stranded’, but because my Dad also works for them. Although im pretty financially dependent from them the fact is I can only work 4 months a year because of school, and come the end of the school year usually need them to help me and my brother.

Summing up take a look at your life, where would you be if you lost your job? Would you be ok? If not maybe you should start to change that


  1. Janet // July 14, 2008 at 7:26 AM  

    I appreciate your visit to my site and really liked your article. It's so unfortunate that you had to write it however, but that is what has become more the norm these days it seems. We all need that Plan "B" in our hip pocket. I'm sure all will work out well for you, as you are aware and taking action. Stay in touch!
    Janet G.