Week 4 Lets See how im doing

Bank account: $400 (aprox)
Wallet: $150
PTC Accounts: $900 (aprox)
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $0.50
Total: $1475.5

PTC sites: $90
Apple Patch Diet: $0
Adsense: $0.50
Total: $90.50

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $1102.10 above this weeks goal

My assets went down from last week, which kind of blows but i pretty expectable. New source of income this week, Adsense. Didnt exactly make me a crap load of money, but now that im concentrating on increasing the amount of people who read the blog that might change. Need a payout from a PTC site badly.....
Oh i forgot that i lent $100 to somebody, but too lazy to go back and change all the numbers. SO im actually up a insignificant amount from last week.