Around the start of June I bought referrals at and 35 at both at them, they are both decent PTC sites, more then 10 ads per ad for standard members.

Unfortunately the results have been less then great, ive earned $4.88 and Worldbux and $5.88 and VisitandWin in 15 days. Much less then I was hoping for. But it made me start to think about what actually is a good return on investment for PTC sites? If you want to compare then to bonds then 10% would be a great return.

Lets see what my average daily earnings would have to be to make 10% on these referrals in a year.

Cost: $35
Amount needed to earn: the original 35 to break even plus 10%= $38.5

$38.5/365= $0.10/day

That’s pretty promising, only 10 cents a day to get a return of 10%. Most people including myself would consider this a pretty crappy return, but when you compare it to other investments possibilities it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Especially with interest rates not necessarily being at a all time high. I was checking out Ontario Savings bond the other day at work, mostly because I was bored, pretty pathetic, like 3%. But hey, if you want an investment with virtually no risk, they might be your thing.