So yesterday / part of today the first ad i purchased using my Entrecard credits ran. A really cool feature of Entrecard is the stats they give you. For example it tells me that the ad brought my site 12 visitors which means that each one cost me 10.67 credits (i paid 128 for it). Obviously you can figure out the cost per click pretty easily, but for the brain dead its a great feature. It keeps track of these stats for all ads ran in the last 30 days so you can easily compare which is the best.

Thats it, kind of a half assed post i know, but like i said im always freaking exhausted lately. Especially tomorrow, i have to be at work at 6 30, which means i have to be awake by 5, thats what working for 'the man' gets you.

I know i missed my weekly update this week, ill probably just do a double one on Sunday.


  1. Janet // May 29, 2008 at 10:09 PM  

    For such a young man you sound VERY tired! Maybe it's time (already) to start thinking about how you're going to make your million by NOT working at a j.o.b., then you can wake up when you want.... be positive - what goes around, comes around!