It seems Bux3 and the rest of their network is gone. This includes World-Bux and Im pretty sure at least one other site. This blows, for me at least, because I was expecting payouts from Bux3 and World-Bux

Now the question is was it a legitimate we're losing too much money kind of thing or was there 'foul play' a foot?

If I had to take a guess (it's a uninformed guess mind you...) I would say that I suspect foul play. Aprox 2 months ago Bux3 was hacked. Then they delay payments for a month until everything is 'back to normal'. Shortly after the month is up, a couple of days ago, Bux3 disappears without any explanation, that I know of.

I'm not saying either way if the apparent hacking was real or not, but either way I suspect that the owner decided it would be a great start to a series of event ending in them grabbing a bunch of money and disappearing.

Does anyone have any real information about what happened to them?
Whats your opinion? Legitimate closure or scam?


  1. Get Paid Now // August 15, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

    I haven't heard anything either and I'm very disappointed in Bux3.

  2. moneytalks365days // September 11, 2008 at 9:13 PM  

    Yeah buddy, I was too not paid $31 from them. Waiting from 4 months.
    Everything there chat facility, support, forum, submitting ticket is also not working.
    Seems they won't come back...