The downside of Neobux

Posted by Roy | 7:58 PM | 0 comments »

Figures, the day after I post about how NeoBux is probably my now favorite PTC site i figure out a pretty big downside. If you dont click one day you dont get any referral clicks. I heard about this before the site came out, i think theres some kind of algorithm for the max number of clicks you can get a day which is based both on your clicks and number of referrals, that may no longer be the case i dont know.

Most of the time i do click all my neobux ads, because im a regular member i get like 5 a day so it takes a whole 2.5 minutes so normally not a big deal. Where it really sucks is you cant say ' im going on vacation for a week and ill still be making money!'... because you wont be.

That being said since most of us spend the majority of our time not on vacation so its not the biggest deal in the world, just an annoyance that pops up maybe a day a week for me when im too busy / hungover / whatever to bother with clicking. Im still fully behind neobux and would recommend that if your about to start your own PTC empire start with neobux, as long as you have 2.5 free minutes a day.