Belong to a paid to click site? Cant find time to click every day? Dont see the point of clicking? Read....

Ok im what many people would call a leech or whatever, i dont click everyday, when i do click i often dont all the available ads. I get most my money from referral clicks and as i said in a earlier post i feel no responsibility to my referee to click everyday. But when i do i build it into my everyday activities. Here are 3 easy ways to get your clicks in without taking any extra time out of your day.

While watching TV: While watching TV is the perfect time to click, all it takes is a couple seconds of semi attention to close the current ad and open a new on. Easy to do without losing a beat of your favorite show.

While instant messaging: Use MSN or another messenger program? Chances are you find yourself every once in awhile not reading a message or typing one... so click an ad. Like TV this is easy to do without getting lost in your conversations.

Working out: Lift weights? Have an ad running while your lifting. Then when your resting between sets a perfect to click some more. If you take one minutes rests in between sets that means 3 ads pure set. If your not into weights maybe you can incorporate it into other ex cerises as well. Personally i think that tread mills and clicking may not mix.

So heres a question why bother clicking, 1 cent per 30 seconds = $1.20 an hour, pathetic yes? Agreed. But if you use these methods its not actually taking up your time since your doing exactly what you would be doing anyways.
Plus think of it this way, what if you use your clicking money to buy referrals? Now that money is making more money buy itself. Then you can use that money to buy more referrals, and so on and so fourth. One day you could wake up to find that that $1.20 that you took an hour to earn has now turned into $20, $50, theoretically there is no limit


  1. Anonymous // June 10, 2008 at 9:15 PM  

    Good luck man, I like the premise behind your site. While your goals may be lofty you seem to approach them with a more realistic outlook than most people have at 21.