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So just closed down. Im not overly upset but i did have 30 referrals there so its a bit annoying, and i had a 21 dollar payment that was coming to me. was one of 'non-active' PTC sites. Meaning i had referrals there, but all but 1 or 2 had become inactive, and i think at the end all of them were actually.
My normal plan of action is that if a site can make me as much money as i put into it (in a decent amount of time) then ill put more into the site. Through no fault of its own didnt do this for me. I spent 30 on referrals and was going to get a payout of 21, which took 3 months to make, way too slow. But like i said this wasnt the sites fault, i jsut had bad luck with the referrals i bought which can happen at any PTC. They usually had about 10 1cent ads, which was pretty good, better then alot of sites that people give raving reviews about.

Ill give my version of Paid.vgs history here is pretty old (in PTC site years at least....) and when i joined had a pretty good reputation. This reputation continued for awhile, people all over sang its praise. Then in march the site wouldnt accept payouts (you could only submit a payout on 1 specific day a month) Mistakes happen whatever i was ok with that (oh by the way this is the month i requested payout) but the owner didnt acknowledge the problem until 3 days later leaving everyone screaming SCAM. He let people request payout after he acknowledged the mistake. So we all waited patently for our money, the 30 day mark came and went, which didnt bother me because its rare for a PTC site to be able to stick to its TOS. However around the 45 day mark i was getting annoyed, from what i could tell from the forums at this point little if anyone was being paid, and there was no communications from the admin admitting a problem. payments are chronically late, but they always keep the users up to date with information. So at this point im pretty much thinking is a scam now, and i couple of days later i read that its closing.
The owner gave a nice speech about how hes sorry and so on and so worth, i believe that he didnt scam anyone he just couldnt make a go of it. Hes even paying out the 3000ish dollars left in the sites accounts to people who have lost money, meaning if you spent 100 on referrals, already got a 200 payout and now waiting for your next payout you dont qualify because as a whole you made money. I put my name down on the list but dont expect to see any money. 3000 doesnt split well over thousands of people.
The owner made some troubling remarks, he claims that the PTC business model doesnt work, all sites are doomed and referred to as a 'ticking time bomb' or something like that.... Is he right? will all sites sooner or later go down or is it jsut the case that he wasnt able to make it work and therefore assumes that no one can? I guess time will tell.