AdBux has ads???

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Well this was a surprise to me. I checked my AdBux account for the first time in over a month. It was just to confirm that i can now officially add the money that i invested in AdBux to my 'dead money' list. But to my surprise they actually have more then 1 ad up! Seven to be exact 3 worth 1 cent and 4 worth 0.5 cents totaling 5 cents. I know that this isnt by an means 'good' but im only $3 away from payout and for once in a long time i think its actually possible for me to reach it. Unfortunately all my referrals became inactive a long time ago, and i havent earned a cent from the site since the end of march, and that was from me clicking an ad. So its still going to take awhile, i estimate 3 months before i can cash out. Assuming the amount of ads stay constant and i dont get any new referrals (i know that it should take 60 days, but im assuming theres alot of days where i wont be clicking in that period)

For those who dont know the history of AdBux heres a short summary. AdBux was one of the first (possibly the first?) PTC sites around. And for awhile they were considered the best. Then came around and that changed. As start to climb in popularity Adbux tried to drag their name through the mud. This pretty much backfired, people thought they went too far and boycotted Adbux, but a large population stayed loyal to it. For whatever reason the amount of ads a day dropped to 1 or 2 for months. Could this be the start of Adbux climb back to near of the top of the PTC ladder?

A couple of notes about AdBux

They also have paid offers to complete worth various amounts, the highest currently is worth over $5. I might check some of these out, i might be able to reach the payout amount in a couple of days verses months
Their 0.5 cent ads only take 10 seconds, means you make more per second then most other sites... by a bit
After every ad you have to type in a 5 letter code to make sure your a real person, kind of annoying but not the end of the world