So you all know what Yuwie is (or would if you regularly read my blog, look two posts ago if you don’t know what it is) Anyways as I said earlier I gave my Yuwie account to my friend Stacey. Now me and Stacey both want the same thing, we both want people to come to our sites, and we both want that to result in money for us. I came up with this plan which I hope will help both of us out.

Stacey posts a blog on her Yuwie page explaining that she will leave 10 comments on their Yuwie homepage for every person who visit my site, 5 comments for every person who leaves a comment on one of my blog posts, and 15 comments for ever comment that inspires me to make a new post, whether it be just answering a question, or my thoughts on a particular site or whatever.

This is a simplified version of our arrangement, there are some restrictions that aren’t overly important for the purpose of this post.

Lets examine why I hope this will be a success for both of us.

Obviously for me it will bring people to my blog who will hopefully click on some of my Adsense ads, or join some of the same sites I have and become my referral. And so on. Pretty simple.

For Stacey: First of all it will bring people to her Yuwie page and make them leave comments so she knows that they visited my blog. This results in page views for her which results in money. Secondly while leaving comments on other peoples pages as ‘payment for visiting my blog other people will see her comments and some will want to become friends with her and therefore also increase her page views. Thirdly, I forgot to mention this, but im putting a free banner for her at the bottom of the blog that will hopefully result in some referrals for her which results in money.

So theres my plan, I think it’s a half decent one but we will see. Not sure when this will be implemented, its up to Stacey.