First Entrecard ad puchased

Posted by Roy | 5:00 PM | 0 comments »

I purchased my first entrecard last night. Its for a site thats on the front page of the making money online section. It cost me 128 credits (the most anyone has paid for an ad on my blog has been 16, maybe 32 one time).

A feature i really like is the entrecard tracks how many people visit your site each day, they even break it up into the ways they got there, if it was from an ad you bought for example. Im looking forward to seeing how many visitors this ad gets me. Its scheduled to run on the 27th i think, so on the 28th or 29th ill post to let you know how many visitors it brought me.

Im not sure what strategy i should adopt, very few ads on popular blogs or lots of ads on not so popular blogs. Ill try both strategies to see which is best but i have a feeling fewer ads on popular sites will be they way to go