Security Tip

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I told myself i wouldn't post anything until Thursday when my exams are done but im going crazy and need a small break, so i have a small tip for you.

This should go for everything in general but i think it applies more to PTC sites then most other things. For each site you join you should have a different user name and password. I know kind of a pain, if you're like me you have the same user name and password for all kinds of things. However when dealing with an industry that can be kind of 'shady' at times, such as PTC sites i think its a necessary precaution.
There as been cases where less then honest PTC owners/ hackers/ whoever have used usernames and passwords from one site to steal accounts on another.
Even if you do this you should try to do some research when looking for a site to join. Its not hard to find out which sites have a good reputation and which dont. Try to join sites that have been around awhile. Its not uncommon for new sites to pop up, collect a bunch of money from people upgrading accounts and buying referrals then disappear taking all the money with them.