As you may have noticed ive added adsense ads and other ad sections to the blog. This is my first time using adsense. The gist of it is when people visit your site and click the ads you get money, simple. No need to go into deeper logistics of it right now, maybe at a later time when I have some experience. I guess I’ll just include ads are worth more then others, for example someone clicking an ad on your site for a new car would be worth more then someone clicking for a dog sweater ad (probably at least… could be the other way around techincally)

The amount you make from Adsense is dependent on the amount of people who click, so the more people that visit your site the better. I expect to make very little, at least at first because I have a sneaking suspicion I have a pretty low readership. But I have a plan to change that! At least a little, probably only a little, I might even unveil it today.

The second type of advertising ive introduced is paid ads. Basically you pay to get your ad/banner/ banner ad/ whatever for a predetermined period of time put on my blog. It doesn’t depend on clicks or anything, its up for that period of time no matter what. Actually I guess I should monitor the content of where the ads link to, but im pretty hard to offend so almost anything will be acceptable. Im starting the rate at $2 per month, pretty damm low id say. Im going to make a new e-mail address for my dealings with people for my online ‘businesses’ ill post it here when I do that. UPDATE: Its, as stated on the available ad spaces now.

Question time. Pretend that you’re looking for a blog to advertise on, what would influence your choice?

High number of readers? (maybe proved by a counter?)
High reader activity? (lots of comments)
Quality of content?
All of the above? None of the above?
Blogs with good spelling and grammar? (please say no to this one!)

Let me know