It might seem like a stupid tip, but its not…to some people. I have a friend who works for a call center for a credit card company. Its scary how many times I hear stories like these.

Her: How can I help you?

Customer: It’s the first of the month why cant I spend my full 1000 limit?

Her: One second please…. It says here that you only paid the minimum balance last month

Customer: So?

Her: So you cant spend more money until you repay it

Customer: WHAT?!?! I thought I got $1000 free every month!

Her:…that’s not how credit cards work.

Its kind of scary isn’t it? I mean ive understood the concept of a credit card since I was like 5, ok maybe the concept of compound interest was a little above my head but I knew that you had to pay the money back plus some, which although was not a perfect understanding it was right on compared to these people.

I could go on about how they should of read the terms and conditions and about how weird it is that they never stopped to think about why a company would give them free money every month, whats in it for them? But something tells me these aren’t the kind of people who like to read a lot or exercise their brains too much

Come on they must watch TV though (they probably bought a bigger one with their ‘free money’) how could they not of come across some show where people were freaking out over their credit card bills? They probably did, but not understanding what a credit card bill was, and having the general negative feelings towards brain exercise, the mention of something new probably angered or frightened them away from the tv or something.

Writing this post is angering me, so im going to stop ranting here. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about how they probably killed their credit for the next 5 years in a month and don’t understand why that is a bad thing either.

So yes…. Please know what a credit card is before you get one, but something tells me that if you’re reading this blog, you all ready have a pretty good idea.

He wondered what it must be like for beings that weren't whales; it was a hard concept to understand, and thinking about it made him feel a little dizzy, but Artie liked to think - and eat krill. Not necessarily at the same time though.

That’s from a terrible book im reading at work instead of working. The point is be like Artie, think… at least sometimes.