A double update for weeks 6 and 7

Bank account: $1993
Wallet: $30
Loans to friends: $90
Uncashed cheques: $150
PTC Accounts: $1060
Apple Patch Diet Account: $25
Adsense Account: $0.50
Total: $3348.5

PTC sites: $100 50/week
Work: $1600
Total: $1700 850/week

Percent of goal reached

Weeks Goal
My assets total $2204.95 above this weeks goal

As i said earlier im suffering from declining clicks on my best 2 PTC sites. I also paid some credit bar bills and had some expensive nights out, together they played havoc on my paycheck from the first half of May. Oh and i had to put $500 into my car, but put it on my credit card so its not reflected in the numbers yet. Ill have to put another $500 in at some point, but im hoping not until the end of summer at the earliest. I drove into a ditch around January and screwed up my front 2 tires a bit, dam snow, but im really lucky thats all that happened, it was a big ditch, you couldnt even see the top on my car if you were standing in the middle of the road. Im getting off topic.

Oh by the way, has anyone seen my first weeks summary? it seems to have disappeared on me...