I'm Golden

Posted by Roy | 2:07 PM | 1 comments »

If you pay as much attention to the NeoBux banner right above my posts as I do, recently you would of noticed two differences. The first being it now says im a Golden Member and the second that im making significantly more money each day then i used to. This is because i recently upgraded my NeoBux account.

Because of this my income has now doubled because i now make twice as much per referral clock. More impressively my profit has more then doubled because i now pay less money each day for my referrals. Regular members pay 0.9 cents for each day that a referral clicks and Golden members only pay 0.6 cents each day.

For the time being this solidly places NeoBux as my favorite PTC site.


  1. Atniz // July 23, 2008 at 11:01 PM  

    I've never tried NeoBux before.. Glad you are earning more from this channel. I'm not to your level yet. Hopefully, one day I can join and earn like you...