It’s something that everyone who has referrals at a PTC sites (and all kinds of other ventures) has to expect, sooner or later you will get less clicks, you will make less money. Its pretty much unavoidable and can happen for numerous reasons. Some people decide that clicking isn’t worth their time and give up PTC sites, some people buy a lot of referrals and stop clicking because the money they make clicking ads doesn’t even start to compare with what their referrals make them. I personally have been in both of these groups. When I first came across PTC sites I clicked a lot, but after a couple of weeks I wasn’t happy with the amount I had made so I gave them up. A couple of weeks later I decided that buying referrals might produce some good results. At first I still clicked everyday because my referral income was relatively low so my personal clicks still made pretty big impact. But once I was making more then $5 a day from referrals clicking for 20 extra cents starts to become more and more of a chore. Don’t get me wrong I still do some clicking, espically for new sites that I join so I can help push my balance above the first payout limit. But after that it gets dropped into my cycle, Monday I might click on one site, Tuesday a different one ect.

Some people seem to think that by joining a PTC site you somehow have a responsibility to your referee to keep clicking, whether you know them or not. Personally I think this is the biggest load of crap ever. I join sites for me, and over the course of a couple months im pretty certain that I will make the person that bought me the approximate dollar I cost, plus probably a dollar or 2. The point is though that buying referrals is a risk, you have to accept that some people will stop clickng after 2 days, and some after 6 months, and hope that over all you get your money back plus some. One time I got in an argument on a PTC sites forum about this, since then ive learned to not get involved in online arguments, they always end in headache and involve way too many emoticons (I frigging hate those things, if I ever own some kind of forum they will be banned). As far as im concerned the only ‘responsibilities’ that I have is to follow the TOS (terms of service aka the rules, for those who don’t know)

Im posting this because in the past week, after months of pretty constant clicking two of my top PTC sites, and Bux3 are finally starting to slow down in terms of my referral clicks. Bux3 has gone from making me about $1.20 a day to only a couple of cents, and has gone from making me 8-10 to 4-7 dollars a day. Id like to REALLY EMPHASIZE (hence the annoying use of capitals….sorry) that I am not saying these two sites are going down hill of anything bad about them. In fact I cant wait to buy more referrals from them, this is just something that happens no matter where you buy your referrals and is no way a reflection on the quality of the site. Im ok, more or less, with my referrals here clicking less because and bux3 I have made my money back twice (doubled it) with this set of active referrals and with I made my money back at least 4 times (at least tripled it), plus at im still making a healthy aprox $5 a day.

Like I said im very much looking forward to buying more referrals at these sites, im expecting a payment from bux3 in a week or 2 (I know I keep saying that) and from hopefuly in June