A couple of times i've mentioned my theory that you shouldn't worry if you find yourself spending what you consider alot of time to make a couple of dollars because if you invest those dollars properly in the future they could be worth $100. Ive decided to test this theory.

Tomorrow probably im going to be buying $18 dollars worth of referrals from NeoBux using my account balance. Im going to track the referrals bought with 3 of those dollars and see how much it appreciates.

The $3 will buy me 10 referrals (or maybe 15 i think they may cost less now that im a golden member). Im being what i hope to be conservative in estimating that in a month from now those 10/15 referrals will have doubled into 20/30. From that point on the $3 will continue to grow at a faster and faster rate.

For those getting tired of me posting about NeoBux lately dont worry i am too, im start to feel like a bit of a shell for them. Ive just been excited about my membership upgrade. I have several ideas for posts that wont be about them