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Like I said a bit ago I was thinking about entering the stock market… and I have! Just in a really different way then I originally was planning. I actually made up my mind that this probably wasn’t the best time with school tuition coming up in a couple months. But my brother was talking to my dad about buying some shares of GM. For whatever reason my dad bought some in January and decided that he would just give them to us. Thanks Dad. So I now own 56.87 shares of GM. At the price of somewhere around $12 that’s worth $682.

Now GM wasn’t what was planning on investing in, and theres a good chance you know about how they’ve been losing money lately and closing plants ect. Plus the stock happens to be at like a 52 year low.

Despite all this I think now might actually be a good time to buy GM. Before I continue ill say that anyone who takes my advice either is retarded or recognizes genius when they see it. Anyways GM north America is the only part of GM that loses money, GM is making good money in all other parts of the world. In many regions sales are increasing quite rapidly.

They are currently in the process of trimming off the ‘dead weight’ in north America. In 2 years time I predict that GM north America might be making money, at the very least they will stop dragging the entire company down so over all GM will be making a profit.

Then theres the Volt. You can look it up, but the gist of it is that its an electric car that can go a decent amount on a nightly charge, then it can also burn gas to produce electricity for longer trips. I think this car will be very successful, especially with gas prices being as they are.

So theres my thoughts, by 2012 I can picture a pretty dramatic increase in GMs stock price. I don’t have time to point out all of the potential problems with everything I just said