EntreCard Auction

Posted by Roy | 2:06 PM | 1 comments »

Time for my first ever EntreCard Auction. 1000 EC, Starting price only $1

You bid by commenting on this post.

Auction ends at a random time next Wednesday, August 13. This is to make it fair to those who cant be on the computer 1 minute before the auction ends to try to get the winning bid.

If the Winner fails to pay the next highest bid will win.
Please post a link to your blog to prove that your bid is legitimate.

You'll also have the option to buy another 1000EC for the same price that you won the first 1000.

Possible payment is through PayPay or AlertPay


  1. Tristan Gemus // August 8, 2008 at 1:56 PM  

    Hey Roy, is there an email I can contact you at, or better yet MSN? I have something you might be interested in. Please email me, diggservice@live.ca thanks!