Another Race to 1 Million

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Just a couple minutes ago I tried typing in a couple keywords in google to see how high up my blog is in the results.

I thought i found it when to my surprise it wasn't my race i found, it it was someone elses. This particular person is 15 and wants to earn 1 million by the age of 21.

Their blog started about one and a half months after mine, and coincidentally (maybe?) has the same layout as mine.

This doesn't bother me at all, im sure my idea is not really that original. I just find id interesting that his/her race started so soon after mine, and the fact that the title is pretty similar.

Oh weird he/she also lives in Ontario.

Anyways if you are this person and got the idea from my blog let me know, it would be cool to know my blog has inspired others to do something similar.